Hanifah’s Courage

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Hanifah’s Courage

  1. Nantale Hanifah is a bright and ambitious 13-year-old girl, currently in Primary 5 at ASAYA Nursery & Primary School. Known for her love of learning and her dream of becoming a doctor, Hanifah’s academic performance has always been outstanding. She is deeply passionate about her studies, particularly in science and mathematics, and she envisions a future where she can help others and make a significant difference in her community.

    However, Hanifah’s journey has become increasingly difficult. Her mother, who is her sole caregiver, has been diagnosed with cancer. This devastating illness has put a tremendous strain on their family, both emotionally and financially. Hanifah’s mother, once a vibrant and hardworking woman, is now too weak to carry out daily tasks, spending most of her time in bed. The mounting medical bills have drained their resources, leaving little to support Hanifah’s education.

    Despite these overwhelming challenges, Hanifah remains resilient. She has taken on many responsibilities at home, caring for her mother, cooking, and cleaning, all while trying to keep up with her schoolwork. Each morning, she wakes up early to prepare for school, driven by the belief that education is her key to a better future.

    However, as her mother’s condition worsens, attending school has become increasingly difficult. There are days when Hanifah must stay home to look after her mother, causing her to miss vital lessons and fall behind in her studies. Her teachers at ASAYA Nursery & Primary School have noticed her frequent absences and declining performance. They are concerned but also understand the immense burden she carries.

    Hanifah’s mother, deeply aware of the impact her illness is having on her daughter, feels a profound sense of guilt and sadness. She wishes more than anything to see Hanifah succeed and achieve her dreams. One evening, as they sat together, her mother said, “Hanifah, my dear, I know things are tough right now, but promise me that you will never give up on your dreams. Your education is the most important thing for your future.”

    Tears filled Hanifah’s eyes as she nodded, determined to keep that promise. She continued to balance her schoolwork with her responsibilities at home, but it was clear that without help, her dream of completing her education might slip away.

    Hanifah’s situation is dire. Without immediate support, her education and her dream of becoming a doctor are at serious risk. She needs financial assistance to cover school fees, provide additional tutoring, and support her family’s basic needs.

    By contributing to Hanifah’s fund, you can make a significant impact on her life. Your support will not only help her stay in school but also give her the opportunity to fulfill her dreams and secure a brighter future for herself and her mother. Hanifah’s story is one of resilience, determination, and hope. With your help, she can overcome these challenges and achieve the success she so richly deserves.

    Please consider donating to support Nantale Hanifah’s education and her dream of becoming a doctor. Every contribution, no matter how small, brings her one step closer to realizing her potential and changing her life for the better.